Why You Require A Jeep Roof Top Tent For Your Next Camping Expedition.

Jeep roof top tent

Camping is a great activity that gives people a much-needed break from work and school while offering them a chance to enjoy traversing through amazing landscapes and enjoy the scenery. A camping expedition can be enjoyable or one to forget depending on the gear you have. Camping is continually evolving, and more enhanced camping gear is being developed, with the sole aim of improving the experience. One notable camping gear that has really hit the deadlines is the jeep rooftop tent. While camping, having a comfortable and flexible place to rest during the night is a priority, and these tents have simply taken things to a whole new level.

Camping expeditions are often rugged and involve a lot of activities, things that spell a good night’s sleep on soft mattress, high up on the ground and safe from the moisture, insects, and intruders a camper’s paradise. Save for all that; these tents give you the opportunity to continue enjoying the amazing night scenes from a strategic position. There are a couple of numerous sleeping options you may want to consider out there but why should you specifically stick to the Jeep roof top tent? Here are the benefits;

Set Up Procedures.

After a whole day of hiking and climbing trees, the last thing you would want is to spend another hour trying to set up a sleeping place for you and your crew. Ground tents have worked over the years but they restrict you in several ways, and you have to find a strategic place with no rocks or insects before you can start setting up the tent. These conventional tents are not very convenient and a poor night’s sleep can affect how you go about your camping activities the next day. The jeep roof top tents signal an end to all the challenges mentioned above. They are very convenient and take a couple of minutes to set up. They are placed on your car’s roof and do not require the hectic ground analysis procedures that are required when setting up ground tents. All you have to do is to pull up at a nice spot, open the tent, extend the ladder and you are good for the night. Once you get used to doing it, you will only require fifteen minutes to park and get to sleep.


Jeep roof top tents have inbuilt mattresses that will ensure you have a comfortable sleep. The whole floor of the tent is made using foam, and there are no hard places that can disturb your peaceful sleep. Ground tents require people to roll their mattresses when they wake up and stretch them when they go to sleep, something that is not only hectic but also uncomfortable as your mattress may keep on moving as you twist and turn during the night. Ground tents are built to be light, to allow users to carry them easily, but this compromises the amount of warmth that is stored inside those tents. The roof top tents are always carried by the vehicles, and this allows manufacturers to make their walls and ceilings using thick materials to keep more warmth inside.


The Jeep roof top tents are secure, and this does not mean that they can keep bears away. Well, since they are about seven feet off the ground, depending on the height of your vehicle, malicious predators and curious intruders won’t be lured to your sleeping place. Aside from the huge and obvious threats, insects and crawling creatures offer significant risks as well. You do not want to set up your tent in the middle of a safari ants’ trail.

The roof top tent is a great accessory, and it will cost you a fair amount of money. In that case, you need to pick the best one from the market. The benefits mentioned at stake are best enjoyed when you choose a quality brand like the Jeep roof top tent. A suitable pick can be determined by a collection of your needs and some defining features of the tent in question.

First, ensure you check the design style. The two major models available in the market are the hard shell and soft shell tents. The hard shell is made using robust materials specifically the glass fiber reinforced plastics with a strong aluminum frame. This tent is very durable and takes less than a minute to fold it. The soft one consists of an aluminum shell covered with fabric. The soft shell has the advantage of costing lesser, being lighter and flexible compared to the hard one. Make a point of checking the material used to make the walls and roofs as some of them might not survive the harsh weather conditions in your camping area. Lastly, check the size of the tent and ensure you find one that will fit you comfortably.

If you are impressed by the benefits at stake, why not give the Jeep roof top tent a try and see your camping expeditions being different. For more information check out https://ventureoverlandcompany.com/collections/roof-top-tents/products/adventure-series-m49-jeep-edition-roof-top-tent and see what this fantastic tent is all about.