Tred Recovery Boards

ARB Tred Pro Boards


Are you looking for the best road recovery device for your 4WD? If so, you have come to the right place. Tred is the ultimate superior road recovery device designed for your 4WD and ATV. It helps get your vehicle and equipment out of trouble when it's stuck in sand, snow, mud or sludge. ARB 4X4 Accessories is a trusted name in Australia when it comes to high-quality ARB Tred Pro boards.


The recovery boards are designed and manufactured in Australia from the highest quality materials. These boards can deal with intense levels of torque, weight, impact, and flex when your 4WD or ATV loses traction in slippery surfaces. Tred boards come with hex grip nodules, shovel features, ramp entry teeth, and wear-resistant properties. This product won't let traction disrupt your journey but explore nature with confidence. That's why you need to invest in high-quality ARB Tred boards for your 4WD or ATV.


In addition to their high-quality recovery boards, ARB has many other useful accessories that complement the former. The Tred Pro Mounting Bracket is one such accessory. These brackets are designed to secure the entire range of traction devices from ARB. Make sure you invest in high-quality ARB products for your 4WD and ATV.