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ARB Fridge/Freezer 37 QUART

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ARB Fridge Freezer Series II  Product Specifications: Tried and tested, the ARB Fridge Freezer has been a staple in the...

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ARB Fridge/Freezer 37 QUART

ARB Fridge Freezer Series II

 Product Specifications:

Tried and tested, the ARB Fridge Freezer has been a staple in the off-roading community for years thanks to its proven performance. ARB has given these reliable essentials a revamp in styling and characteristics–introducing the ARB Classic Fridge Freezer Series II.

Featuring a new color scheme inspired by the recently released-ARB Jack, the gunmetal grey fridge body contrasts perfectly with the black highlights.

Whether you’re in the driver’s seat or relaxing in your camp chair, keeping an eye on the temperature of your fridge freezer has never been easier. A new Bluetooth® transmitter has been developed that allows full control and monitoring via Android, Apple devices, and even ARB LINX. Now, you can adjust or monitor the fridge freezer’s temperature and receive an alert when your friend leaves the lid open. The transmitter is included at no additional cost with the purchase of a new Series II Fridge Freezer.

This update has been implemented across the entire Classic Fridge Freezer Range– 37QT, 50QT, 63QT and 82QT. Important to note, the size of the fridge hasn’t changed.


What’s New?

Color scheme:

• Inspired by ARB Jack, the gun-metal color body of the fridge highlights the black plastics offering a smart and sleek contrast and improved UV resistance.

Electronic updates:

• Backlit control panel buttons for ease-of-use in poor light conditions.

•Customizable dimmable display.

• 12V power input display to assist with monitoring battery condition.


• A new transmitting module has been introduced that utilizes Bluetooth® connectivity that allows both monitoring and control of your Series II Fridge Freezer. 

•  For existing ARB Fridge customers, the new transmitter will work with any ARB Fridge Freezer manufactured post-2014.*

• The mobile application is available for free via Google Play or the Apple App Store.

• If you choose to fully integrate your fridge freezer into your vehicle via LINX, update to the latest version (1.4 or above) and the module will download for free onto your device.

*See the “Fridge Display Application” section for more details on functionality.


App Fridge Control (only available on Classic Series II):

• Settings can be adjusted from the app such as; battery protection, unit measurement (°C or °F), display brightness, and preset temperature settings.

• Target temperature can be manually adjusted or altered via customizable preset settings.

• Fridge can be put on standby.


Series II vs Series I Fridge Freezers:


• All exterior and internal dimensions remain the same as the Series I Fridge Freezers.


• We’ve carried over the proven performance of the Series I Fridge Freezers utilizing the existing compressors and associated cooling components.


• All the existing features and benefits such as the removable lid, reversible basket, mounting points, etc were carried over from Series I Fridge Freezers.



Great for short trips or as a second fridge, the 37QT Fridge Freezer suits many compact SUV’s due to its low height and small footprint.


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