Baja Designs OnX6 LED Light Bars

OnX6 LED Light Bars

About Baja Designs OnX6 Light bar Options


The lighting of a car is among its core components. Considering it will be reliant on the battery power that also services other elements of the vehicle like the Radio, A/C components, Vehicle ECUs, and other systems, the light bars you select need to be efficient. Baja Designs draw out every last amp to ensure the light bars are operating at 100%.



Here are some Baja Designs OnX6 Light bar options to choose from:



– OnX6 Racer Edition: Engineered with 6,450 lumens for every 10” section and is suited for speeds above 110 mph. It shines 40% farther away than the standard OnX6 bar.



– OnX6 Arc Series: Has all the features of straight OnX6 bard. To match the lines of your car, it comes with a bend.



– OnX6 Dual Control: This includes the dual switch and power cord. For ultimate versatility, it controls the end bars independently from the center section.



– OnX6+: Features the industry's best Battery Management Technology.



With the OnX6 LED light bar Baja Designs, you’ll be assured of a durable off-road adventure. The OnX6 LED light bar is versatile and can complement most mounting systems and comes in standard sizing of 10”, 20” 30” 40” and 50” sizes. And if that’s not enough, there’s an ultimate purchase protection that features a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee & Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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